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Atlantic Design Homes is an award-winning company, named National Builder of the Year by the Environmental Protection Agency.

With decades of experience, Atlantic has a reputation for exacting standards, green building methods and great floor plans. Our designs are classic, elegant and eminently customizable to suit your lifestyle.


About Atlantic Design Homes

Who We are
Atlantic Design Homes is one of the most highly regarded homebuilding companies in the Gainesville area. We have designed and built nearly 700 of Gainesville’s most elegant homes in subdivisions like Haile Plantation, Richmond, Mentone, and Town of Tioga. We are a family-run company that has been building homes for more than 20 years. We are committed to environmentally conscious and energy-saving homes.

What We Do
Atlantic Design is not just a builder - Atlantic Design Homes is a multi-faceted company bringing you exceptional construction, renovations, design services and interior design - all under one roof. Our many years of service in all areas of homebuilding will work for you and your family - helping you to find the home of your dreams.

Atlantic Design isn’t new to “green” or energy–efficient construction. In 2000, Atlantic Design was awarded the highly prestigious Environmental Protection Agency’s “National Builder of the Year,” presented for our pioneering work in building energy-efficient homes.
We are also the recipient of numerous regional awards, among them: the Grand Aurora Award for “Best Community in the Southeastern United States,” a local “Ethics in Business,” award and Alachua County’s only designated “Clean Builder of the Year.”

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Doug Nesbit and Lucian Kragiel, Owners
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